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Gothic Beach Palette

Gothic Beach Palette

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Step into the mystical world of Gothic Beach where dark and dreamy hues are mixed with shimmering sands! This palette includes 12 bold mattes and 6 shimmering metallics!(Net Weight: 18 x 1.5 g / 0.05 oz)

Cruelty-Free & Vegan

How to Use:

  • Formula is highly-pigmented, use a light hand when picking up product or tap excess pigment off makeup brush before applying, a little goes a long way!
  • Use darker shades in the crease, and lighter shades along the brow bone and inner corders of the eye.
  • Apply desired shade on eye lid along the lash line or lower lash line to create an eye liner look.
  • For a pop of color, apply shimmer or metallic shades to the center of eyelid.


  • Anti-Sun Burn: Nude Pink (matte)
  • Don't Be A Beach: Warm Peach (matte)
  • Burnt Out: Terracotta (matte)
  • Rusty Anchor: Burnt Red-orange (matte)
  • Sunray Slut: Copper (shimmer)
  • Sand Castle: Medium Brown (matte)
  • Gothic Yacht: Plum (shimmer)
  • Beach Ball-Breaker: Lime Green (matte)
  • Oh, Buoy!: Soft Lavender (matte)
  • Piranha Pretty: Deep-Bright Lavender/Orchid (matte)
  • Vixen Vibration: Violet (matte)
  • Umbrella Attitude: Deep Purple (glitter)
  • Glitter & Gloom: Gun-metal (glitter)
  • Macabre Manners: Light smokey-mauve (shimmer)
  • Parasol Passion: Khaki green (shimmer)
  • Fishnet Fix: Deep Plum (matte)
  • Bite Marks: Reddish-Brown (matte)
  • SPF 666: Charcoal (matte)

Pressed pigments*: Anti-sun Burn, Rusty Anchor, Sand Castle, Gothic Yacht, Oh Buoy!, Piranha Pretty, Vixen Vibration, Umbrella Attitude, Glitter & Gloom, Macabre Manners, Fishnet Fix, Bite Marks

*certain pigments may cause irritation or staining if used around the eyes.

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